Pacal Votan by Carl Gordon

Pacal Votan by Carl Gordon

Artist: Carl Gordon

Short Description: “Pacal Votan” is a stunning wooden bust of the renowned Maya ruler, set atop a triple-leg base engraved with intricate Maya art and glyphs. This sculpture embodies the ancient wisdom of living in harmony with natural cycles, urging modern viewers to reflect on sustainability and the enduring relevance of Maya knowledge. A captivating centerpiece for any collection, it invites deep contemplation and respect for our planet.

Type of Wood: Mahogany

Dimension: 4ft 9in H x 2ft 3in W (see artwork height comparison chart)

Year: 2016


Interested? Contact Jovan Guerrero at +501-614-3916.

Authenticity: Each artwork is shipped with a certificate of authenticity issued by the artist/auction house and a physical copy of the invoice.

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