SIGN UP – In order to get notifications about activity on the various auctions you participate in and to process your winnings you will need an account. To process your account, you’ll need a picture of your Social Security Card or Passport to verify and ensure that items can be processed and issued to their new and rightful owners.

REVIEW – check out our Terms of Use and Terms of Auction pages so the transfer of titles of your winnings can be acquired seamlessly and within an appropriate time frame.

BROWSE – Browse our continually updating catalog and find what is most relevant to you. Our website provides you with tools to filter by many categories including location, auction type, popularity, price, highest and lowest bids, among others, so that you can find your target listings as easily as possible. You will notice that not all listings are currently open for bidding, but you can add them to your Wishlist to get notified via email of when they open up. Before you bid on a property, make sure you’re prepared. Study the property details page carefully and do your due diligence. After you are satisfied with your research, you’re ready to bid.

BID – Once auctions become available for bidding you’ll see a bidding panel with all the necessary information relating to the auction. You’ll find descriptions and information about the listing, an end timer countdown, auction history of all bids and activities, current highest bids, and a real time system letting you know if others have outbid you. The bidding panel also allows you to make bids of course, and notify you if the reserved price has not yet been met. When the auction begins, type in the amount you would like to bid within the bid box and click the “Place Bid” button. You will be required to bid at or above the increments stated on the page. Check in often, especially in the final minutes of the auction to make sure you get the highest bid.

WIN – At the end of the online auction, if the reserved price was met, the “online” winner will be whoever made the highest bid at or above the reserved price. Being the online winner does not guarantee a win. In some instances we may have received bids via email or sealed bids. If you are the highest online bidder at the time of the online closing, and we have received a higher bid via email or sealed bids, then Madison’s Auctions and Appraisals LLP will arrange for both parties to be given the opportunity to counter bid each other until the final highest bid has been received. Online winners shall prevail only in the absence of submitted bids via email or sealed bids.

In some instances the Reserve Price is not confirmed online. The highest bid will be considered and confirmed within 24 hours.