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  • Block 7, Parcel 1988/1 San Pedro

    BY ORDER of the Mortgagee, Messrs. Ascendancy Belize Limited, Licensed Auctioneer Sylvano Guerrero, is selling by way of ONLINE AUCTION via the following property with a reserve price. Online bidding is now open and will end on January 31, 2023 at 12:00 PM.

    All that piece or parcel of land being Parcel #1988/1, Block #7, Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town.

    Building 1 is two story octagonal building having on the lower level four, one-bedroom units and on the upper level three, one-bedroom units. This building has an area of 1795 sq. ft.

    Building 2 is a single-story building that has two bedrooms, one bathroom, living, dining and kitchen. This building has an area of 520 sq. ft.

    Building 3 is an external lavatory constructed over a septic tank. This building has an area of 64 q. ft.

    The entire property has a total area of 416.67 sq. yds.

    The property is held by a Leasehold title (Freehold Interest) in the name of Tomasito Paz.

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    By participating and bidding at this auction you agree that you have read all of the Terms and Conditions and that you are bound by them.

    Starting Bid: $180,000.00