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  • Parcel 12B 5 Acres Jacintoville Toledo District

    BY ORDER of the Mortgagee, Messrs. Ascendancy Belize Limited, Licensed Auctioneer Sylvano Guerrero, is selling by way of ONLINE AUCTION via the following property with a reserve price. Online bidding is now open and will end on January 31, 2023 at 12:00 PM.

    All of that parcel of land, Parcel #12B, Jacintoville, Toledo District, Belize, together with all erections thereon, totaling 5 acres. The Southern Highway borders the property on the north, a vacant lot on the south, a residence on the east, and a residence on the west. There are several citrus farms in the surrounding area. The land also has citrus, coconuts, pineapple, and other fruits, but only about 40% of it is cultivated.

    Water, cable TV, a phone, and electricity are all available on the property. The property can be accessed by way of the Southern Highway on the northern boundary.

    The property is held in the Freehold Interest in the name of Laverne Williams.

    *By participating and bidding at this auction you agree that you have read all of the Terms and Conditions and that you are bound by them.

    Starting Bid: $38,000.00