Divine Love by Carl Gordon

Divine Love by Carl Gordon

Artist: Carl Gordon

Short Description: “Divine Love” portrays a mother and child of African descent in a style reminiscent of statues depicting the Virgin Mary. The mother, cloaked in flowing robes, cradles her child tenderly, while a faithful dog rests at their feet. This sculpture is an ode to love in its many forms—between mother and child, humanity and the divine, and humans and animals. A poignant reminder of the universal power of love to unite and uplift us all.

Type of Wood: Mahogany

Dimension: 5ft 4in H x 2ft 1in W (see artwork height comparison chart)

Year: 2009


Auction Status: Coming Soon

If you are interested in this artwork and would like to arrange a viewing or make an offer, contact Jovan Guerrero at +501-614-3916


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