Tanglewood Collection by Master Sculptor Carl Gordon

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Carl Hugh Donald Gordon, born on November 1, 1957, in Esperanza Village, Cayo, is a celebrated Belizean sculptor renowned for his captivating works that reflect the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of his homeland. From an early age, Gordon’s artistic talent was evident. While attending St. Francis Xavier School in Norland Farm, Cayo District, he developed a passion for drawing, tracing sketches from his uncle’s drawing book—a skill that earned the admiration of his peers.

Gordon’s artistic journey took a significant turn when he moved to Belize City and began working at Belize Flour Mills Limited. There, he met Austin Lopez, who introduced him to woodworking. In 1976, left alone in an art shop, Gordon sculpted his first 2D piece by molding his facial characteristics on a stump. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his illustrious career in wood sculpture.

Under the mentorship of Hugh Broaster, a protégé of the renowned George Gabb, Gordon refined his sculpting skills, drawing inspiration from his profound love of nature and the great outdoors. Over the years, his versatility expanded beyond wood to include remarkable stone sculptures, embodying indigenous worldviews and emphasizing common heritage and unity.

Gordon’s sculptures have graced prominent resorts and businesses throughout Belize. His works often depict themes of heritage, unity, and the beauty of nature, capturing the essence of Belizean culture.

Carl Gordon’s exceptional talent has earned him significant accolades and opportunities. Most recently, his piece “Essence,” was selected to be a part of the Belize National Art Collection at the newly installed Museum of Belizean Arts (MOBA) in the historic Government House in Belize City. His stone sculpture “Dawn is Breaking,” created during the Belize Sculpture Symposium in 2011, is prominently displayed at the welcome center in San Ignacio Town, Cayo. “Queen Idia,” another notable work, is still currently in circulation as it is awarded to the winner of the Afrikan Queen Pageant for the duration of their reign.

In recognition of his contributions to the arts, Gordon received the George Gabb Award for Visual Arts at the Belize @42 Awards in 2023. He also won the Master Creation Competition at Kinich Ahau in 2012 with his piece “Belizean Emblem,” now housed in the Museum of Belize along with “People of the Dawn.”

Gordon’s works have been featured at esteemed events and institutions, including The Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers 6th Biennial Conference in 2019 and the Bliss Institute of Art in 2023. His piece “Mother of Creation” was also exhibited at the prestigious Shangri La Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, in September of that year. His art is also cherished by notable individuals, including Julian Marley, Bob Marley’s son, and television journalist, Peter Jennings.

His sculptures are held by private collectors from around the world, including the USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, Russia, Taiwan, China, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Argentina, Panama, and Mexico. The Inter-American Development Bank also acquired several of his pieces, “Angel of Love,” “Heads of Agreement,” “Face of Dawn,” and “Belizean Beauty.”

Beyond his artistic achievements, Gordon has made significant contributions to his community by training over 22 individuals in the craft of woodworking over the years.

Currently residing in Los Lagos, Gordon continues to sculpt in his secluded workshop, where the tranquility of his surroundings fuels his creativity. With a vision to exhibit his collection globally, he remains dedicated to teaching and inspiring future generations of sculptors. Carl Gordon’s exquisite sculptures are a testament to his deep love of art and his unwavering belief in humanity’s potential to overcome adversity.

Featured in Tanglewood