From Cradle to Kings by Carl Gordon

From Cradle to Kings by Carl Gordon

Artist: Carl Gordon

Short Description:

“From Cradle to Kings” is an intricate mahogany wood totem sculpture that traces the journey from the Olmec to the Mayan civilizations. The base features bold Olmec features, representing the original peoples of the Americas. This foundation transitions seamlessly into representations of the Classic Mayan civilization, with intricate carvings and hieroglyphs reflecting their advancements in architecture, astronomy, mathematics, and writing.

Adorned with symbolic elements such as the snake, representing life’s cyclical nature, the sculpture also features Lady Pakal and King Pakal in detailed attire, enriching the narrative of Mayan royalty. The sculpture captures the essence of Mesoamerican spirituality, depicting ceremonial rituals and revered deities. This artwork invites viewers to explore the rich tapestry of Mesoamerican history and culture, celebrating the artistic and intellectual achievements of these ancient civilizations.

Type of Wood: Mahogany

Dimension: 8ft 5in H x 3ft 5in W (see artwork height comparison chart)

Year: 2014


Auction Status: Coming Soon

If you are interested in this artwork and would like to arrange a viewing or make an offer, contact Jovan Guerrero at +501-614-3916



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